Prevention is not only better but much more cheaper than cure.  With a wealth of experience within the industry, we have seen first hand,that a lack of roof maintenance can result in in some major problems, not only leaks but also early degradation of the roofing system, dampness, structural damage, and even the warranty becoming invalid.  When the roof condition is ignored, it is without doubt a failure will occur at some stage before its has reached half its life expectancy.  When inspections are carried out periodically as part of a planned maintenance  programme, small defects can be detected and the necessary repairs carried out before they turn into major failures.

NO ROOFS ARE THE SAME, they all suffer from different climate conditions an have also been designed and installed using varying build methods.  Our experience and expertise is important to you as a building owner.  At PCS Ltd, we can carry out a survey of your roof using a number of different techniques depending on your needs and the type of roofing system that is installed.  During this process a core sample may be required to help us understand the existing roof construction and to also see if the system is installed correctly.  All roof penetrations, rooflights, any roof mounted maintenance equipment, rain water pipes, access equipment etc will all be inspected and a detailed condition report will be put together for you.  During this process we are then able to recommend a course of action aswell as a maintenance and refurbishment plan that is specifically designed for you and your asset.  Cost and budgets can be provided with detailed specifications and an ongoing maintenance schedule can be implemented.

New Build and Refurbishment.
We have spent in excess of 20 years in the industry utilising market leading products for waterproofing and weathering of roofs, terraces, balconies, non-slip systems, podiums, water features, walkways, car park decks, bridges etc.  With the vast knowledge and experience our team possess, we will listen to your requirements and produce for you a system specifically catered for both your budget and business needs.  We will also provide alternative solutions where we feel these may be more beneficial.  PCS Ltd carry out both New Build and Refurbishment contracts nationwide.

We install the right system to the highest standard.

Cold Applied Liquids.
New Roofs
Green/Brown/Blue Roofs
Car Park Decks
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Wet Rooms
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